Truly magnificent beings.

Full of creativity, joy, sadness, intuition...

Experiencing an ongoing process of becoming.

Holding on, letting go and opening up.

Revealing our full spectrum of being.

As a coach, I support you In this
transformation of becoming.

We should have a conversation if you...

Seek clarity...

…and communicate and lead your life with this clarity.

But when you do feel unclear and confused, you feel unsafe and find ways to force clarity.

Are a leader...

…and take charge and direct your team.

But when someone is not doing a “good” job, you feel like you need to step in and the fix the problem.

Hold spaces...

…and people are attracted to your presence.

But you minimise yourself and opt not to express yourself freely, so that you don’t take “another persons space”.

However... Below all this, is a deep longing
to feel, express and be yourself fully...

And not just when it feels comfortable.

Let's have a chat

And find out how I can support you to make this a reality

Who am I and how did I get here?