How nice would it be if you could


in being


To live a life where you get to be yourself.

To trust and allow yourself.


How you can work with me

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Group Coaching

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Empowering Creation

Starts on the 2nd of November

I support you in developing inner stability, clarity and ease.

So that you can show up calm, relaxed, centered, courageous and confident.

In what you are doing.
In who you are being.
And in the process of becoming yourself.

What this entails is getting to know yourself. And living out of this recognition.

You will get to deeply know your wishes, your desires, your likes, your dislikes, your beliefs, your preferences and what you stand for.

But more than that, you will start to feel yourself more fully.

So let’s take a moment here.

Breath and notice your body.

What comes up when you feel yourself?

Thoughts? Feelings? Doubts? Sensations?

Notice that all of you is already present.
Right here, right now.

We are taught, that to “find ourselves” we need to go looking.
But all we need to do is to stop, look, feel, taste, sense and be with ourselves.

I am here to support you on this journey within.

A journey of becoming yourself. Fully.

To trust yourself.
To allow yourself.
To express yourself.
To be with yourself.

Which means to rest in yourself deeply.

Not needing to do anything. 
But choosing to do the things you love.

In communion with life, friends, family, colleagues, society, nature and the world around us.

As to live the life that you always wanted.

The one where you get to be yourself fully.

Hi, i'm Maximilian Caspar

Every time I think about the fact, that I am doing something I absolutely love doing, I can’t help but smile and feel a rush of energy going up my spine.

I believe every person in this world is here to experience and to be themselves fully. The crazy thing about this is that there is exactly only one person who can figure that out. And that is you.

And to be apart of your journey in discovering yourself, gives me immense joy, excitement, purpose, clarity and insight.

Thank you for being you and having the courage to diving even deeper into yourself.