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Hi, my name is Max Caspar.


I’m a web and graphic designer

We’ll work on your website, brand identity and visual communication together.


Have a look at my portfolio.


Client: Kultfluss UG

Website type: Website plus fully integrated online-shop

Client: Birgit Lampe

Website type: Yoga Coaching

Client: Sophia Stegmann

Website type: Artist portfolio

Client: Lexia Hachtmann

Website type: Artist portfolio

Client: Own project

Website type: Bulletin-Board

Client: Commonground UDK

Website type: Multi-language website

What to expect!?

Completely custom website

Instead of working with pre-built themes, I program and design every website from scratch.

This means you get exactly what you want!

WordPress based

I want you to be able to edit your website, after I have completed it.

That’s why I use WordPress to enable you to mange your website by yourself.

Personal meeting

Figuring out how your website will look is a process. To engage in this process we’ll have multiple personal meetings to figure out what you want and what is possible.

We’ll meet in person or we can organise an online meeting.

Developing your Brand

When designing your website, we can either work off a already existing design, or we can work on a new design.

I’ll help you with logo design, print, and media.

Get in contact!

What are you interested in?
Your own website!Updating your current website.Other.