Maximilian Caspar

Born in Berlin in 1993, I find myself in a very consequential time of human history. I see that in this time, the gap between conscious action and unconscious reaction are becoming more and more apparent. It’s here that I see an opportunity to contribute to the world.

Though formally educated in Sociology and Massage Therapy I’ve worked as a university teachergraphic designer and musician. In 2018 I founded my own company with three friends that I left in 2020 to pursue what is closest to my heart – serving the world in the most powerful way I can.

This journey of focusing on what feels the most aligned with my own sense of self started when I was young. As a child, I was (and still am) very wonderous and curious. In my adolescence I became deeply fascinated with meditation and self-inquiry. Here I found a wealth of insights and new questions, that still inspire me today.

After many years of working through the natural confusions in the internal as well as in the external world, I have arrived at a point of clarity. It’s this clarity that enables me to shift my attention from my own process (though ever evolving) to serving the world powerfully.

I allow coaching to be the vehicle I use to show up fully in life – with all my brilliance and shadows. And to engage with life in the most free-flowing way I know – through engagement, curiosity, insight, interaction, honesty and play.



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