discover the depth of your being

What can you expect from my coaching?

Human beings are extraordinarily deep, complex, creative, and alive. This stands in relationship to the abundantly diverse and rich environment we are born into and hold within us. The environment we grow up in, is unique to every person. It’s this diversity in environment that creates our greatest suffering and most beautiful alivness. Further it’s what informs our greatest skills and most brilliant coping mechanisms

The style of coaching I practice, focuses on diving into our full being and taking this depth seriously. Not resting with just seeing our full being, but making a commitment to becoming the full being we are at our core.

The world within is as rich and diverse as the world without.

What do I support you on?

Together we’ll dive deep on two levels:

Level of doing:

  • Where are you currently?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What support do you need to close this gap?

Level being:

  • Who are you right now?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • What support do you need to become your full being?

Key Explorations

Key Explorations

Let's have a conversation

Join me in a 90-min deep-dive into who you want to be.

50 Conversation Challenge

I challenged myself to have 50 powerful conversations

Conversations had

90 Minutes each

Ended on the 1. July 2021