Philosophy and Culture

Consumed: 26. May 2022
The Transition - Jordan Hall, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Forrest Landry

Beautifully expressed summary of what we as a humanity in 2022 are going through and which steps we might want to consider taking to find ourselves in a phase-shift up.

Consumed: 24. May 2022
Short and sweet piece on creating cultural shifts

Who to talk to and who to work for creating cultural shifts: those that are interested.

And “make it a little bit hard to get it”.

Consumed: 22. May 2022
Eros and Libido in a time between worlds

Great continuation of Cosmo-Erotic Humanism and contrasting to Alexander Bards views and philosophy.

Watch second.

Consumed: 21. May 2022
Cosmo-Erotic Humanism: First Principles and Values w/ Zak Stein and Marc Gafni

Great context setting of this fundamentally important topic: Finding and speaking to intrinsic value.

Watch first.

Web3 and DAOs

Consumed: April 2022
Extremely deep and extensive piece of why Web3 and DAOs are important for the world by Jordan Hall

This one needs a few listens to really get the depth and interconnectedness that Jordan shares insights to. This feels like a very necessary piece to grasp.

Consumed: April 2022
Exploring philosophical and spiritual thought-structures in the context of Web3 and DAOs by Tracheopteryx

This one was really mind opening for me. Applying beautifully trippy ideas and notions to the possibility space of Web3 and DAOs.

Consumed: April 2022
Deep introduction to DAOs

This is one of the major pieces that helped me understand the depth of DAOs (decentralised autonomous organisations).

System Thinking

Fritjof Capra

Matter cycles continually through the web of life.
Most of the energy driving the ecological cycles flows from the sun.
Diversity assures resilience.
One species' waste is another species' food.
Life did not take over the planet by combat but by networking and partnerning.